Tris Lawrence is the author of the Welcome to PHU serial, available on both Tumblr and Pillowfort since 2016, as well as several short stories. The ebooks of Welcome to PHU are published by Duck Prints Press, and paperback editions are crowd funded.

Welcome to PHU – Serial

Welcome to PHU is a web serial about the students who attend Pine Hills University, a fictional liberal arts school, and the folks around them. It’s about magic, love, football, music, taekwondo, and just about anything else that college students might get involved in. And magic. Did we mention the magic? Because in this world, ten years ago, the public found out that magic is real, and ever since then, more and more Talents have become public in the world, and Pine Hills University happens to be one of the schools that welcomes these magical students with open arms.

All books, short stories, and extras are available to read freely in serial form on Tumblr and Pillowfort.

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Welcome to PHU – Published Editions

Twinned Book 1: Commit to the Kick

Commit to the Kick book cover

For eighteen years, Alaric has lived under the cloying politics of family and his Clan community. His freshman year is supposed to be a chance to explore a world where Clan and his shapeshifting Talent isn’t central to his life. But when his inner bear bursts forth during his first football game, endangering those around him, Alaric realizes that it’s not so easy to ignore his past, or his own internalized anger.

In his quest for anger management, Alaric begins to train in taekwondo, and makes new friends in both sports. He finds that he is creating his own small community, where Clan, Mages, other Talents, and even humans come together and build their own found family.

When Alaric receives news that something has happened to his brother Orson, he must return and deal with his Clan and his place in their world. He discovers that old prejudices are still strong between Clan and Mage communities, but that both may be in danger from a creature long thought to be only a legend. Alaric must figure out how to move forward and prevent a war and protect both his home and newly built communities, his found family with him every step of the way.

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Twinned Book 2: Missed Fortunes

Coming summer 2023 from Duck Prints Press.

Twinned Book 3: Into the Split

Coming fall 2023 from Duck Prints Press.

Short Stories

“Soul Afire”
Published August 10, 2021 in Ink: Queer Sci Fi’s Eighth Annual Flash Fiction Contest, available on Amazon. Find the anthology on Goodreads.

“Dreaming of Pines”
Published 2021 in Add Magic to Taste, available from Duck Prints Press. Find the anthology on Goodreads or StoryGraph.

“so he won’t fly away”
**erotica title** Published December 2022 by Duck Prints Press. Find it on Goodreads.

“Best Friends AND…”
Published January 2023 by Duck Prints Press. Find it on Goodreads.

Published March 2023 in He Bears the Cape of Stars from Duck Prints Press. Find the anthology on Goodreads or StoryGraph.

Coming summer 2023 in Game On! from Zombies Needs Brains.