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I’ve spent a bit of time thinking through how I use different social media platforms, especially as a creator. I’m trying to better grow my presence as a writer, and do more to put myself out there. It’s… overwhelming. I can recognize that and I can own that I haven’t done much.

To that end, I’ve made some decisions about how I’ll be using my different social media platforms, and what’s available where.

Paid Content

I am set up on Patreon for monthly support, and Ko-Fi for both monthly support and random one-time donations. Monthly supporters on both platforms will get unscheduled posts of snippets, behind-the-scenes sneak peeks as well as thoughts as I develop projects. This’ll be across all my original work, including the PHU ’verse, the new Seven Lakes ’verse, and short stories in development for tradpub, self-pub, or small press.

Monthly supporters on Patreon will also get previews of new chapters when Welcome to PHU starts posting again. Those previews are usually posted one posting cycle ahead of the chapter going live on Tumblr and Pillowfort.

Tumblr, Pillowfort, and Dreamwidth

The Welcome to PHU serial is currently available on both Pillowfort and Tumblr; I do not have plans to mirror it on Dreamwidth as well. There are seven full novels serialized, and 20ish stories. I do plan on continuing to post to those blogs; Nate, Dax, and Cass need to get moving on their roadtrip (PHU book #8: Run Together).

On my personal blogs on Tumblr, Pillowfort, and Dreamwidth, I will post random rambling blog posts on anything from how writing relates to knitting, trope inspections, my thoughts on craft (which are not lessons, just me deconstructing my own thoughts), to fandom flailing. I’ll mirror these posts on my professional site at too, because at the heart of it, I’m a fan as well as a writer as well as someone who loves to knit, or listen to music, or… whatever. These posts are all free, and just for fun. Maybe instructional, if I’m lucky.

Mostly they are fun and no stress for me. I hope.


I’ve been doing a monthly newsletter on Patreon for subscribers. That will be mirrored on Ko-Fi, and on both sites it will be subscriber-only at first, then go public after a few days. I also plan on setting up a mailing list and mirroring on my professional site after the posts have been made public. So subscribing/following on any of those platforms should let you see that information.

Newsletters are a roundup of what I’ve been up to for the month, in terms of personal life, publishing life, writing life. What’s coming out, what’s been sold, where can you find my words… and if I’m not writing, why. You might even get cat pictures.

Mastodon and Twitter

I’m on Mastodon more than Twitter these days; it’s a lot lower stress for me. And those are just microbursts about writing, fandom, anime, knitting, whatever happens to percolate up in my mind. I’m interactive and chatty. I’m just me. Please, feel free to connect up. I’ll try to remember to announce blog and newsletter posts there as well.


Yes, I’ve created a Tris/PHU Discord as a thing that can be linked to Patreon/Ko-Fi and as something that folks can join without being patrons. Mostly just as a chatter space, and a way to flail about writing. Or sprint with me, if you want to. Because I focus well while sprinting. It will eventually get launched, and I will announce it then.

I think that covers everything. WOW social media is so spread out these days. If there’s a platform I haven’t mentioned, please feel free to ask about it. If you have questions, give a yell. I’m happy to try to answer.

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