Upcoming Conventions

I will be with Duck Prints Press at Fandom Fest in Schenectady NY the weekend of August 26/27. We will have a presence in the Vendor Hall. We are doing a panel, currently at 5:30pm on the Saturday. You can see the schedule for Fandom Fest on their website. Our entry is listed under “Fanfiction” but we will be talking about navigating the path from Fic to Original work. If you’re around, come see our merch and come talk to us at the panel!

I will be at Dragoncon in Atlanta over Labor Day weekend. I don’t know yet if I will be on any programming items; those will be a last-minute add if I am. However, I am sharing space in the vendor space, and the second edition print copies of Commit to the Kick will be available there for the first time, along with information about the upcoming Kickstarter for books 2 & 3 of the Twinned trilogy. Please come see me if you’re at Dragoncon.

And lastly, our local fan-run convention Albacon will be September 8-10 in Clifton Park, NY. I am again sharing some space with Duck Prints to run vending out of my hotel room (Dealer/Artist Row), and I will be on panels (don’t know which ones yet). Albacon is a tiny local convention and we have both in-person and remote attendees and participants, and the fully hybrid model works SO WELL. If you decide to attend, via either way, please reach out and say hello. If you’re remote, I’m in the Albacon discord so you can feel free to @ me there, too.

It’s going to be a LOT and there are so many things to accomplish beforehand, so I’ve been run a bit ragged. I think my schedule calms down a bit in November, after Astronomicon at the end of October… (yes, another convention, I am going to be So Worn Out).

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