Anime Spring 2023 – Second Round Thoughts

I’m back for more impressions of the spring 2023 anime season! Some new first impressions as new shows drop, and some thoughts after watching second episodes, too.

As I start making notes on this, it’s Tuesday 4/11 and I’m feeling rather anxious when I look at my list of unwatched episodes. It’s hard to both consume media and write! Like. Fandom and writer life collide in a massive way at this point. Especially since I can’t do writing-related tasks while watching things with subtitles. This is the point where things start falling off the list if they don’t really grab me enough to make the cut so that I consume them in my minimal time allowances.

Side note: I’m adding notes to this as the days go on, in part so my goldfish brain doesn’t forget things!

I’m going to put a read-more in here, because this got long…

A Galaxy Next Door – one episode in

I really liked this, but I’m wondering if it’ll hold up. I’m intrigued by this girl and her background and how she’s come to love manga and her interest in our protagonist. Watching it does make me realize just how much anime is wish fulfillment in the end. So much. But then, isn’t much of the media we consume?

Otaku Elf – one episode in

I want to love this, but I’m not sure I can love the elf goddess. It got better as the episode went on, and it’s not an auto-delete from my list. I suspect second episode is going to make or break a lot of things for me.

The Dangers in my Heart – two episodes in

Okay, this is more ecchi than I thought/remembered after the first episode, and yet, it feels completely in tune with a middle school level of thought. Like. The protagonist comes off as a completely typical middle school boy (as do the boys around him), kind of obsessed with thinking and daydreaming about things beyond their ken. So. That hasn’t turned me off of it yet? I’m on the fence at this point, but still intrigued, and haven’t dropped it yet.

The Cafe Terrace and Its Goddesses – one episode in

Huh. So. WAY more ecchi than I expected, almost to the point of “where the hell is the story?” around it. And yet. I got hints that the protagonist isn’t necessarily as unlikeable as he seems at first. And that he might be able to become a good guy. So I’m curious. I’ll give it a second episode and see where it goes.

The Marginal Service – one episode in

That was… a ride. A wild ride. I enjoyed it, a lot, and hope it can keep up the chaotic energy without losing something or becoming repetitive. I’m glad this did show up on Crunchyroll; I’ve been looking forward to it almost entirely based on the list of VAs in it. I was expecting chaos and I got it. 

Skip and Loafer – two episodes in

This is so going to be a comfort watch. I love the representation. I love the way the characters defy expectations. I love the characters in general and how they are coming together. It’s sweet, and lovely, and peaceful. A fantastic winding down, last show before bed kind of show.

Oshi no Ko – one episodes in

I’ve been really looking forward to this, then the first episode dropped and it’s 80 minutes long. Which doesn’t mean I won’t watch it, but does mean I need to lay out more time than squeezing in a single 22 minute break at the end of the day. Hopefully this weekend. I’ve seen some good reviews.


Oh. OH. So that’s what all the buzz was about. That was worth it. Absolutely worth it, and I am utterly hooked on the characters. I don’t want to spoil anything, except to say that I was not expecting the emotional rollercoaster I got to go on for 90 minutes. I can’t wait for the next episode, and the start of the main arc. I am so glad they did it this way, with essentially a prologue. Best way to go for this story.

Why Raelina Ended Up at the Duke’s Mansion – one episode in

I am really intrigued by this, and it gives me just a really good feeling. I want to see another episode, so this one is going on my continue list. I really like watching this girl trying not to be the character that dies to start the plot of a novel, and I’m really curious what the duke himself is up to, too.

X&Y – one episode in

This is not anime; it’s donghua. And oh, OH, this has caught me quickly. Two episodes dropped to start, and they are shorter episodes, which is kind of cool. Not standard lengths. But this is super intriguing and kind of dark and making me very curious. I can’t wait for more.

Dead Mount Death Play – one episode in

I wasn’t interested at the start, but the more we got into the story, the more intrigued I became. This is currently on my if I can manage time for it list (which is LONG, but the “must watch” list is longer…). 

Birdie Wing – two episodes in

That… took a turn I’ve been expecting, and yet, am a little disappointed in. EXCEPT. I’m also expecting it to take ANOTHER turn that seems to be foreshadowed which should clean up the part that disappoints me. I’m not going to comment on it here, but expect spoilers in comments should anyone want to discuss and I am very very up for discussion about girls who golf. (Pretty sure that Aoi is the most disappointed person at this exact moment in the anime).

I’m not posting my must watch vs might watch vs nope lists yet, solely because I haven’t made fully definite decisions yet, and I’m honestly still floundering in a sea of “too much, too much!” at this point. It’ll probably shake out at the end of the month when I take a good hard look at what is grabbing me right away, vs. What I don’t mind waiting for.

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